Siding nailer vs Framing nailer

Most of the time woodworker,  even professional woodworkers assume that siding nailer and framing nailer is same things and can do a similar type of job as both nailers work using the same basic pressurized air system to drive a nail faster and more accurately. But there is a big difference between siding nailer vs framing nailer.

  • Nailing Purpose, Design, and Function

Framing nailers are extremely versatile in purpose. Besides using framing you can also use it for subflooring, decking, sheathing, room construction But siding nailer is not as versatile as framing nailer, it looks nearly identical and best for siding installation.

Framing nailer is a rough gun it’s made for high impact framing for rough millwork and specially made by design to get into tight corners and to toenail with high impact velocity so you really the finished product on the framing nailer is less than desirable again the siding nailer, on the contrary, is made to go upright

if you notice it’s lighter and weight and most importantly it’s got an adjustable trigger that adjusts the depth of the nail getting shot into the siding so you can have a uniform shot in siding over and over and over again.

  • Nail size

Typically the nails range of siding nailers anywhere from 1-1/4″ up to 2-1/2″ with a wider head, whereas framing nails can go 3-1/2″ or more made for piercing and joining lumber.

  • weight & Size

Usually framing nailers are heavier and larger than siding nailers. The average weight of siding nailer will be 5 LBS. whereas average weight of framing nailers might be 8-9 LBS.

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