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What is a brad nailer and how to use a brad nailer?

Introduction: Splitting and binding lightweight wooden trip, molding, cabinet becoming more comfortable with the touch of the brad nailer. It’s an excellent tool for managing home hobbies and projects. The benefit of using a brad nailer is beyond discussion. The most obvious advantage is its binding and splitting performance. However, if you’re still struggling to execute your […]

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Siding nailer vs Framing nailer

Most of the time woodworker,  even professional woodworkers assume that siding nailer and framing nailer is same things and can do a similar type of job as both nailers work using the same basic pressurized air system to drive a nail faster and more accurately. But there is a big difference between siding nailer vs framing […]

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Top 5 Benefits of Using a Nail Gun

Are you still using the odd yet useful claw hammer? Well, maybe you are or you aren’t. However, there comes a time during the large scale projects (and even small projects) such as roofing your home or finishing the furniture in your house, becomes very tough to accomplish using the usual claw hammer for very […]

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