Makita an611 Review

Makita an611 Coil Siding Nailer Review

Mikata is one of the biggest brand company in America. This gun has been served since 2006 with its great reputation. This siding nail gun is very powerful and long lasting design.

Makita is one of the best coil siding nailers that comes with a lot of excellent premium features. This tool is best used for wood shingle siding and installing fiber cement to the exterior of a home.  Both 15-degree wire and plastic collated nails are accepted for this tool. The range of nail size is from  1-1/4″ to 2-1/2″ with 0.80″ to 0.99″ diameter shanks. This gun is operated by Air powered at 65 to 120 PSI.

Makita an611 Coil Siding Nailer Review: Highlited Features

Makita AN611 2-1/2' Siding Coil Nailer
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Makita AN611 2-1/2" Siding Coil Nailer

  • Transparent round magazine
  • Can hold huge nails up to 400 nails at a time
  • Silent sheet to reduce noise
  • 3-mode selector switch
  • Tool-less depth adjustments with 9 settings

Trigger mode & Depth adjustment settings: One of the great attraction of this gun is it has 3 firing mode of the trigger contact, sequential and lock mode. Most of the customers buy this tool for its great features and adjustability driving flush and countersink nailing. To work in depth adjustment it has 9 depth adjustment setting.

Transparent round magazine: One of the most attractive features of Makita AN611 is transparent round magazine that helps you greatly to see clearly how many magazines is left there.

Work with a long time: This transparent magazine can hold huge nails up to 400 nails at a time that holds more than other siding nailers. This will help you work a longer period of time before refill the magazine.

Multi-directional exhaust port with a built-in air filter: Another great feature of exhaust port which is Multi-directional which can move 360 ° that means you can use your exhaust port to a different direction. No more fume blow out in our face while working.

Comfortable Rubber gripper: The comfortable rubber gripper provide you much comfort on your hand and you can work a long time without fatigue on your arms.

Rubber bumper: At last but important features that the rubber bumper which is located at the side of the gun to protect the nail gun from any kind of hit 

Silent sheet to reduce noise: When you disconnect the coupler the silent sheet will reduce the noise.

Cartridge dials to accommodate coils 1-1/4-1-1/2 or 1-3/4-2 or 2-1/4-2-1/2. Provided it was the proper angle and nail size, a 2-3/8 coil should shoot fine at largest setting.

Uses: wood fencing, cedar fencing work. hardie siding etc


  • Weight: 5 pounds.
  • Power Source: Air.
  • Dimensions: 13.2” x 5” x 12.5”.
  • Air pressure: 65 – 120 PSI
  • included Parts: Plastic tool case, hex wrench and safety goggles
  • Warranty: 1-year.

     Things we liked

  • Works great, Depth is very uniform  
  • No jam problem at all  even 2,000 nails
  • A lot of great features 
  • East to load and Well balanced.

     Things we didn’t like

  • Recent complain of nailer broken 
  • somebody recommended use Hitachi Coil nailer than Makita

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