Makita AF505N Brad Nailer Review


Makita af505n is one of the best brad nailers which is manufactured by Chinese renowned company Makita. People love Makita af505n because of its great balance, performance, and quality.

Makita af505n  is very convenient, lightweight only 3lbs. Its exceptional feature ultra-narrow nose design which you won’t get from other nailers will help you to nail in confined areas. It is also Solid build quality and very comfortable to use.

The multi-directional exhaust port, Dual nail reload indicator window, Tool hook and many others exclusive feature are in Makita af505 have.

Where should it use

Makita af505n is best for  trim work, baseboard and hardwood crown moldings, flooring and other woodworking applications

Nail size and length

The ideal Size for Makita af505n is 18-gauge nails and the nail length is from  5/8” to 2-inch. You can hold up to 100 nails in Magazine. The operating Air pressure is 60 to 115 PSI.

Main FEATURES of Makita af505n

Makita af505n has got some nice little features with it. It’s got an adjustable depth gauge up by the trigger so you can adjust it.

it has quite a nice responsive trigger on it. Quick release at the top so if you get any nail jams just unclick that carrot Jam lock it

back down again show you leaver and where you go dead simple.  it’s got a sprung magazine housing so if you just push the button once he says okay it releases. It’s also got an empty indicator so at the moment you can see that showing red so put some nails in it.

The red nailer indicator will light up when your nails are running out.

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