How to Use a Nail Gun

How to Use a Nail Gun Properly and Safely

Before using any power tool, It’s important to understand the basics concepts, the operating procedure, and the required safety measures you will need to take to protect yourself. A nail gun is a powerful tool and if not properly handled it can be a dangerous tool that can produce life-threatening situations.

If you look at a person working with a nail gun and assume that it’s easy as pie, just pull the trigger and work done then you are going in the wrong direction.

Using a nail gun isn’t just pulling the trigger, it takes lots of minor adjustment that makes the overall operation process look effortless. While working with the nail gun, there are few safety precautions you will need to take if you are not in a mood to visit the doctor with any massive injuries.

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How to use a nail gun

To use a cordless or a pneumatic nail gun, it needs to be loaded with nails. Then adjust the depth to the desired magnitude. Attaching the power source and setting the firing mode to multiple or single nail fire, a gentle press on the trigger is enough to fire the nail gun.  


How to use a nail gun with compressor: In 5 easy steps

When it comes to using a pneumatic nail gun or a nail gun with a compressor, you can follow these simple steps to save time and optimize performance. You can check out our top picks on 2021 best nail gun at this link

1) Loading The Nail Gun:

First of all, remove the power source or keep the air hose disconnected from the gun. Now you will have to make sure that the gun is empty, if it has any leftover nail in position to fire and you aren’t aware of this, you might press the trigger unknowingly and hurt yourself.

So check the nail track assembly properly. Then pull back the spring assembly or the spring mechanism that holds the nail in place.

Once the spring mechanism is in position put the nails in and after the nails are set properly you can release the spring assembly. it will secure the nails in position.

2) Adjusting the depth of the nail gun:

The depth setting will determine how deep you want your nails to penetrate the wood or hardboard surface you are working on. In most guns the gun you can adjust the depth by simply rotating or sliding the knob. There may be a lock mechanism for adjusting the depth, you can turn it off or push it down and adjust the depth mechanism.

3) Setting the air compressor with a nail gun:

Get an air hose and attach a universal coupler to one end and attach a connector plug in the other end of the hose. Now attach the universal coupler to the pneumatic air gun and put the other end of the hose to the compressor. Set the compressor to 60 to 120 PSI and make sure the pressure is well suited with the nail gun.

4) Single or multiple shot: choose your nail gun firing setting

You can easily adjust the firing setting at the push of a button. If you choose the single firing action it will fire one nail at a time. Single firing mode is safer and efficient compared to the multiple nail firing mode. The recoil of multiple firing modes is quite troublesome to handle for a beginner.

5) Firing the nail gun: 

Now you are all set to use the nail gun. Hold the nail gun with a gentle and firm grip. Keep the nail gun straight on the working surface and give a slight downward pressure. Now press the trigger and your nail gun will fire the nail in your workpiece.   


How to use a nail gun safely

When you are using a nail gun keep in mind that you are dealing with a powerful tool. One wrong step and you can get seriously injured. The nail might pierce through your eyes, skin, and other vital organs. so following proper safety precautions will save you from any unwanted mishap. You can check out this link for more information on framing nailer safety:

So what are the required safety measurements while using a nail gun? What are the do’s and don’ts for a nail gun user?  

1) Protect your vital organs, wear proper safety gear

You can start with wearing safety goggles and heavy-duty hand gloves before operating the nail gun.

  •  You will be holding the woods and boards in place with one hand and operating the gun with the other hand. The hand which is holding the wood or board in place has a high chance of getting in the way of your nail gun and getting injured. Wearing heavy-duty gloves will protect your hand from any accidental nail piercing. 
  • While working with a nail gun there is a high chance of nails and other small particles becoming airborne and getting into your eyes. To save your eyes from any irritation or injuries wearing a safety goggle is a must.
  • Pneumatic nail guns and air compressors generate a lot of noise while working, wearing an earmuff will reduce the noise disturbance and help you work in peace.  

2) It’s better to use the single shot or sequential mode:

Most of the nail guns will have bump mode or automatic mode and multiple nail firing modes. These are pretty great features but there is a high risk of mishap and other safety concerns related to these.

If your nail gun is on automatic or bump mode it might misfire and ruin your work or you might injure yourself. The multiple nail firing mode has a heavy recoil which makes the operating experience pretty annoying and troublesome. 

It’s better to use the sequential or single nail firing modes for your own good. The sequential modes ensure that your nail gun won’t fire at random and only fire nails when you are aware of the situation and press the trigger. The single nail firing mode will reduce the recoil and give you an easy and smooth working experience without any hurdle.

3) Always unplug the power source when not in use:

Pneumatic nail guns running on air compressors or cordless nail guns running on batteries, No Matter what kind of nail gun you are holding in your hand, always make sure it’s unplugged or the power source is disconnected when not in use. Disconnect the batteries or unplug the air hose while reloading the gun. 

A person might pick up the gun unaware of the fact that the gun is loaded and if anyhow the gun is in automatic mode it can cause a lot of trouble even if the gun somehow reaches the hand of a child it won’t be able to do any harm if you develop a habit of keeping the batteries removed or disconnecting the power source after work.  

4) Keep your workplace clean:

Always try to maintain a clean workplace and keep it free of any kind of disturbance. The presence of a child or other person might distract you. Keep in mind that they won’t be wearing any safety gear while you are working with the nail gun, so they are in a quite vulnerable state.

Be extra careful and keep children and others away when you are working with a nail gun. If you are teaching someone to operate a nail gun made them wear safety gears too, if a nail accidentally becomes airborne it shouldn’t be causing any harm to you or anyone.  

4) Always choose the right nail gun for the job

There are dedicated nail guns for different jobs. You can’t use a Brad nail gun on hard metal or concrete surfaces nor a ramset gun will be practical on wood or hardboard surfaces. So choosing the right nail gun for your material will give you an effortless and efficient work experience.

 How to use a Brad Nailer

Brad nail guns are versatile and effective when you are working on household DIY projects. Here are a few easy-to-follow steps to operate a brad nailer. 

1) Check before loading the gun

Always check if there is any leftover nail magazine still loaded on the nail assembly. Remove them and insert a new batch of nails.

2) Chose the perfect nail size

Choose your nail size according to the thickness of your working material. If the wood piece you are working with is 1inch thick then you should pick a 2-inch long nail. If you pick a 1-inch nail for a one-inch wood then it won’t penetrate completely through the piece and you won’t get the desired result. If you chose an 8-inch nail for a 1-inch wood it’s gonna ruin your workpiece. 

3) Adjust the nail gun firing depth

If you are using a cordless brad nail gun then adjust the nail depth according to the material you are working with. If it’s a pneumatic gun then adjust the compression pressure to 60 to 80 PSI, in this range you will get the optimal outcome  

4) Find the perfect Angle to fire the nail gun

The fiber of the wood piece might slightly bend the nail penetration direction. Place your nail gun inward towards your wooden framework. Even if your nail pokes out it will be inward of the frame and you can hide it or fix it easily.

How to use finishing nails without a nail gun

If you don’t have a nail gun at your disposal, you can use a hammer to put the finishing nails into the wood or board. Using a hammer is the traditional way of putting the nail in place but the risk of getting injured is quite high.

You will have to hold the nail with your fingers and hit the hammer on top of the nail, and unfortunately, if you miss the nail then you will be aiming for the delicate fingers and getting seriously hurt. 

Final words

After reading this article I hope you got an overall idea of how to use a nail gun properly. It may look easy at a glance but your nail gun performance and your safety highly depend on the minor details you follow and the safety precautions you take. Being patient with your work and handling your nail gun with ease will ensure the optimum result.

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