How to unjam a nail gun

How To Unjam A Nail Gun: Easy steps to clear a nail gun

If your nail gun not shooting nails it means your nail gun is jammed. You pressed your framing nailer trigger but it refuses to fire again and again. This problem happens reason of jamming the tools.

So firstly you have to know the solution to this problem, otherwise, you are not able to work with this nailer. Now we will learn how to unjam a nail gun if you are a pro user you know the all instrument and you can fix it easily, but if you are a DIYer then you have to read it carefully and fix your nailer to get back your work quickly.

The first one is safety:

 When you are ready for fixed your nail gun, you have to wear goggles to save your eyes from any flying nails. And also need to wear heavy-duty gloves to save your hand from serious injury, because, a nail gun can misfire, and it will be worst for you.

After the safety steps, now it’s time to start the steps of unjamming your nail gun.

Cut off the power source: 

Firstly you should disconnect the all-power connection. If it is a pneumatic nailer then remove the air hose or if it is battery operated nail gun then remove the battery from the nailer for saving you from unwanted firing.

Take away all the nails from the magazine:

After cutting off the power source, take away all nails from your magazine to save your hand. If you don’t want to harm by unwanted firing then it’s mandatory to do this.

Open the barrel:

First, you have to find the release lever in your device and then use it to open the barrel. The release lever helps you to open the barrel securely. If the release lever does not find in your nail gun then don’t take panic. Just follow our next steps.

 Remove jammed nails:

Remove the stuck nail from the magazine, if your nose of the nail gun is flip then use a hammer claw or pair of pliers to remove the jammed nails.

 If there no key on the nose of the gun then go on top of the gun and remove some fasten from the magazine, after that you will find the stuck nail.

Now take a hammer or pliers and use the claw of a hammer and remove your stuck nail from the magazine, after that you have to be sure that in your nail gun, there is no nail jam in the magazine.

Reload the magazine:

After clear the jammed nails, you need to check your nail gun again so reload your nail gun for a check.

Connect the power and test:

After reloading of nails, if it is a battery-operated nail gun then reinsert the battery again or if it is a pneumatic nailer then connect the air hose and test it with any other garbage wood.

Now we will discuss about some nail guns troubleshooting.

1) Hitachi nail gun troubleshoot:

If you are Hitachi nail gun users then you need to know, how you can unjam your gun easily. Firstly, use goggles and gloves for safety reasons, then disconnect the air hose from the nail gun before troubleshoot.

Secondly, if the nails are driven too deep into the materials reduce the air pressure on the air compressor

Thirdly, check the jammed nail in your nailer, and remove this from the magazine.

Fourthly, if the driver’s nail is bent or if the nailer phase slowly or weekly changes the driver blade.

Another advice for your happy nailing, use the same branded nails, I mean use for Hitachi nail gun use Hitachi nails. Because it’s fit in the magazine smoothly so no worry about jam.

2) Bostitch nail gun troubleshoot:

If your Bostitch nail gun shooting blanks it’s mean your gun is jammed. So now you have to know about this nail gun and also need to know how to unjam a Bostitch nail gun.

So firstly, take your safety tools and use these for your safety reason. After that, remove all kinds of power sources from the nail gun. After disconnect, the power of this nail gun, check the air pressure on the air compressor.

And then slide back the push lever on the left side of the nail magazine. And remove the remaining nails from the magazine. Then open the nose and lift the nose from the nailer.

Remove the jam nails from the nailer with any pliers if needed. Then again lock the nose by pushing the nose tip and closing the handle against the base of the cylinder.

To test, your nailer, Replace the nails on the magazine and connect the air hose or power to the nail gun. Then fire on any garbage wood for the test.

One thing is important, oiling in your gun and use the same brand’s nails for your nail gun. It reduces your jamming problem. 

3) Dewalt cordless nail gun troubleshot:

If this gun is jam suddenly or not firing then you have to check the magazine. You have to sure that your nail size is perfect for this nailer and also need to remove the bent or stuck nails from the magazine.

So firstly you have to know how to remove stuck nails and unjam your nail gun.

First of all, put on your safety kits and then cut off the power source or remove the battery. After that, remove all extra remaining nails from the magazine. Then take a pair of pliers and open the nose and magazine from the nail gun. Now remove the stuck nails from the magazine.

Then again joint the parts and reload the magazine with nails for the test. Connect the power or add your battery again. 

Now test your nail gun on any wood.


Finally, we want to say one important thing that, use the same brand of nails on your nail gun and put oil in the gun for better service. Now you have all the details about the nail gun and you know how to unjam a nail gun easily. We hope you will get the idea of unjamming your nail gun with this article. If you still have any query then leave a comment on the comment box.

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