Hitachi NP35A Gauge Micro Pin Nailer Review

Are you into crafting and doing so much work with crafts, then a pin nailer is a must tool for you. Not only crafts but also woods or remodeling these all fields need a user-friendly tool like Pin Nailer, you have a hammer than just to let you know a pin nailer may get into such a place where a hammer will adjust the thing.

A pin nailer Hitachi is the most leading brand in the market for a very long time. They have launched some excellent gadgets over the years, and one of the new ones is a pin nailer. You can also read 7 best pin nailer and their comparison.

Nailer Vs Hammer

Hitachi NP35A Gauge Micro Pin Nailer is killing the market with its high features. The brand has some new addition of characteristics which is useful.

The new stylish Hitachi NP35A Gauge Micro Pin Nailer is one of a kind in that case. Given emphasize on the making of the product to make it flexible and easy to operate.

It will fix the product without any scratch and spot on it. On the other hand, using a hammer is also really risky. Using both the hand while holding a pin with one hand and hammering the hammer with another hand is difficult. An amateur hand could cost an accident. But a Pin nailer is a way better option. There is no chance of hurting, and it is simple to use.

Despite the risk, there is also the fact that hammering may take a lot of time. Pin nailer is worth using because it saves a lot of time and thus the saved time could be utilized.


A pin nailer can be used for multiple purposes and it has dual triggers. It can be adjusted in different areas with various size and also has a wide variety of projects. It can produce holes which are literally invisible and finishing is properly dainty.

Its magazine is adjustable in 1-16 inches and it includes all the metal work, wooden work, adjusting framing models, paneling, small molding, trimming, cutting and sharping as well.

A lightweight Hitachi pin nailer has brought some easy hacks to cope with the work and certainly, they have succeeded. To add some features, it has a warranty with it and the product will come up with some extra tools.

Removable Nose Plate

Hitachi NP35A Gauge Micro Pin Nailer is perfect for professionals who have been working in this field and looking for a tool which may lessen their work as well as time. This new brand is supremely helpful because it has a removable nose plate to avoid the jam. It also has a wide shield to protect the surface from any type of damage on it.

This compact and flexible tool has a lot of attractive features. We suggest you try this product as soon as possible and experience its comfortable benefits. When you have such an opportunity to use a tool to increase your productivity then why shouldn’t you go for it and start using it?

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