Hitachi NT65M2S Finish Nailer Review-min

Hitachi NT65M2S Finish Nailer Review

Hitachi is the most outstanding brand of all time. This has a broad way of the working sector. It can be used in domestic as well as some outside projects. It is needless to describe its usefulness in related fields.

Easy access to the nosepiece

This nailer has a smooth depth of drive and sometimes it depends on the model as well. Depending on the size it can accommodate nails which is up to 2-1/2 inches long. This will surely come in a variety of gauge size.

Air duster button

It has a built-in air duster button and it allows air from its compressor so that it can bypass the nailing the function. It helps to remove dusts from the upper part of the machine. It will help to see the working site and help to take better nail prep as well. This lightweight tool has such comfort to hold and work with it.

Engine design

Hitachi NT65M2S has a strong durability of engine. It has specially designed for a long hour of time so that the machine gets enough engine support to run for a long time. Engine design permits the machine to work as fast as the end user with continuous nail penetration into every side of the tool so it gets sufficient attention.

Comfort and Convenience

The Hitachi NT65M2S is 16-Gauge finish nailer.  It can be used in the big project where you were waiting for a user-friendly tool that could help to bring the best from you. This has especially an air duster button so to clear all the dust and the dust don’t spoil the surface of the tool.

Extended-Life Battery

It has a super power battery with Pneumatic nailers. Pneumatic nailers have the ability to give powers than the conventional powered nailer. Moreover, they will come with lesser parts than any other corded battery.


It is a quite common scenario that when the quality of the product is good then the price is high. But stylish Hitachi NT65M2S has the affordable price with high quality. Professionals who understand the product variation they will get to know when they use the tool.

Power and Performance

Pneumatic air nailer has a lot advantage to use. This air nailer can be replaced by some of the old air nailers easily because it has more parts and easy to operate. Tools like this require a stable control of air compressed and it has an opportunity to work precisely. This tool will need a piston-type and two-stage compressor to power your nailer because it will maintain a longer and higher level of PSI with bigger compressor and hardy motors. Pneumatic nailers have the compressed air power so that the hammer won’t be used in the project. And adjustable port where the air exhaust, 360 degrees as well. With less equipment and easy access where it has the advantage to clean the machine easily. This nailer gun has a no-mar tip to secure the surface and despite the heavy use, it has its efficiency.


Professionals in the different sector have been using this tool and the result is excellent. When it comes to finishing a wooden or craft thing. This gauge nailer has a tremendous possibility in trimming, carpentry projects, cabinetry projects and various craft works. Not so long back, a colleague of mine was working on a very big project and his team was facing some issues about the tool they were using. Then I suggested to him this outstanding tool and all of his team members loved this Hitachi NT65M2S. After finishing the project their expression was priceless. They have experienced some unique features which lead them to a successful project. The specialty of this tool is that it has the capacity to make things the way one wants it. This tool has something which will attract all the professionals.


Hitachi NT65M2S is accelerating among all the brands that we have in that work filed. It is very rare these days to get a muti working tool which can accomplish diverse tasks. Before trying this useful tool please discuss with a professional that what you have been missing all these days.

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