Grex 23 Gauge Pin Nailer review

Grex Pin Nailer Review: Headless Pinner

Grex P635 23 Gauge 1-3/8-Inch length Headless Pinner is a handy equipment of Grex Power Tools Company which was founded in 1995 and it is a renowned and most trusted brand for construction gadgets. They have already made a lot of construction instruments and these machines achieved great success and enlisted as the first choice for construction workers.

Grex P635 is undoubtedly a typical product for best woodwork. Grex Power Tools made their all instruments very carefully so that it can gratify all its customers as well as for achieving loyalty.  Grex P635 is considered as a powerful machine for any woodwork. Read other best pin nailer here.

Grex p635 Pin Nailer  Review: Highlited Features

Grex P635 23 Gauge 1-3/8-Inch Length Headless...
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Grex P635 23 Gauge 1-3/8-Inch Length Headless...

  • This Nailer has a lot of power can penetrates any hardest materials
  • The most excellent features of this nailer is Narrow nose.
  • It can reaches perfectly in tight areas and corners for detailed trim work
  • For safety from accidental firing it has Double trigger button
  • 90 psi air pressure and 1 3/8

Powerful and Durable

Its outstanding performance can amaze you easily. Most workers acknowledged that this gadget is very nifty for them as it serves excellent performance for them. Grex P635 has a powerful motor which is able to probe fasteners into any type of wood easily. Even this powerful machine is able to work for the hardest wood.

Many construction workers shared their views from their previous experiences regarding other Pinners of different brands and they claimed that most of the pinners are unable to provide relentless service because machines were not designed carefully.

As well as, the maintenance cost was very high for those gadgets and spare parts were not available. Even, during the working time, these machines stuck abruptly and it squandered their working hours. But, for Grex P635 was entirely different from other devices.

It is obviously a genius machine for working a long time as our engineers forged it by considering a lot of facts so that it can provide relentless service, as well as its durability, can surprise anyone easily. Its magazine has adjustable systems for pins so which can adjust pins in necessary position.

Narrow Nose Design, No-Mar Tip & Rear-Exhaust System

The excellent feature of this nailer is narrow nose design which is 8 inch length can access in tight spaces and also reach into any corners. This nailer can provide you maximum control and flexibility to do job  precisely.

As the tool uses 23-gauge headless pins which can provide significant amount of holding power so the nails that you are penetrated into wood are practically invisible.

So you don’t need anything for puttying and sanding. Rear-Exhaust System can exhaust away from the user and also reduce the noise.

Double Trigger Safety Button

Grex p635 is the safest pinner which can ensure exhaustive safety in the workplace. Its trigger can work properly and the smooth trigger even can ensure your work. For ensuring the highest safety and best controlling gadget, it has a double trigger that can inspire you to work independently and without any suspense.

Moreover, Grex p635 has a built-in silencer which can eliminate noise and ensure comfort work circumstance so that user can work a long time without facing any galling situations.

grex pin nailer

Convenient and Lightweight

This machine can be sued for diverse works such as for decorating any shop with wooden materials and it can be used for joining properly or construction purpose for the building. Furthermore, the machine is very convenient for heavy duty and it can escalate working ability because of its lightweight body.

Rubber Gripped Handle

It has a rubber gripped handle help you to work continuously. What is more, the price for Grex P635 is very affordable where the machine is more worthwhile comparing its price with performance. Grex P635 instrument can make your work more easily.

Previous users of Grex P635 headless pinner said that it is undoubtedly one of the best pinners amid the market and it can escalate your work speed where you can your time and money appropriately. So, after considering a myriad of things, it can say that Grex P635 23 Gauge 1-3/8-Inch length Headless Pinner is the best tool for crafting or construction work.

Grex p635 Pin Nailer  Review: FAQ

Here we discuss most important FAQ of Grex p635 Pin Nailer

Q: What are the differences between the P635 and the P630?

A: The main difference is P635 can shoot up to 1-3/16″ pin but p635 nailer can shoot up to 1-3/8″ pin

Q:How much air pressure is required ?

A: For 1 inch pin 90psi needed

Pros & Cons: Grex p635 Pin Nailer

Things we liked

  • Holding power and durability is amazing
  • Extra feature of swivel connector is great.
  • No headache of doing puttying any holes
  •  Great for maple and thin molding

Things we didn’t like

  • Now some customers complain at with this recent nailer quality
  • Price is bit high than other pin nailer.

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