DEWALT DCN692B Cordless Framing Nailer Review

DEWALT DCN692B Cordless Framing Nailer Review

People who are involved in the construction field for a long time and looking for an easy tool to use or just working as an individual it will be a time saving flexible tool for everyone related to this sector.

This brand DeWalt has started its journey a long time ago. It is an American company which serves in the construction, manufacturing and woodworking industries.

Product Details

Dewalt cordless framing nailer is a tool which uses it brushless motor to drive in nails from 2 inches to 3-1/2 inches. It is a lightweight product and it has a quality of performing in tough job fields as well. It includes two different operating modes and they are sequential mode and bump mode. It will have the speed to accomplish the work rapidly. In addition to that, this tool has a trigger and it is possible to make that trigger disable if the tool is not in work. DeWalt nailer top cap has control over its force so that anyone could easily use the tool. Likewise, the nose cap has similar flexibility to operate.

Product features

This cordless tool has made jobs easy and swift. Dewalt cordless framing nailer is easily convertible and it has additional eleven positive clicking places to guide you for gauge, where you want so that you can have the idea about if are raising or falling the depth of drive. This has an extra advantage of a light if there is an issue with the jam or stalls in the battery indicator. Jam clearing demands the three screws should be little less light on the nose and the base. It is ideal for magazine releases and there will be no jam at all. Moreover, if there is any motor nailing which you have stalled into hardwoods then there is a stall release level which can allow resetting the drive cycle. Thus it can disable the tool and you will have the need to release and put the battery to turn it on again.

Power and performance

There are three main points which are power, speed, and runtime. As this tool has a supremely advanced engine so its runtime is quite high. About its runtime, there is no other brand that can beat the runtime. However, complimenting the runtime with speed this cordless nailer has super speedy performance. Both the mode has equally positive with the speed it has got. Lastly, without power both are useless. This lightweight tool has the power to work with some unconventional sectors efficiently.


Dewalt cordless framing nailer has its own quality. Despite its quality, it has a really affordable price. So, professionals and new workers will have a benefit to using the machine throughout the task.


Dewalt cordless framing nailer has an extreme impact resistant cap.


The tool has a safety trigger lock. It will also come with a rafter which can turn and expand the flexibility.

This tool has earned an enormous amount of praise among all the professionals. Once there was a time it was really difficult to get a tool for wooden or trimming work. But these nailers has decreased a lot of work stress and can save valuable time as well. So, if you are a professional worker then you already know the potentiality of this tool and if you haven’t yet then grab it and start exploring the machine.


  • Dimension: 15.2″ x 5.9″ x 13.2″ 
  • Power Source: Battery-powered at 20V
  • Firing Modes: Bump or Sequential
  • Nail Lengths: 2 inch to 3-1/2 inch
  • Shank Diameters: 0.113″ – 0.131″
  • Nail Type: paper tape nails, off set round head and clipped nails
  • Nail Angle Range: 30-34 degree 
  • Shank Types: Smooth and Ring
  • Magazine Capacity: 55 nails
  • Weight: 7.7 pounds
  • Warranty: 3 year limited warranty

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