Dewalt 20v Finish Nailer Review

Dewalt 20v Finish Nailer Review

Dewalt has their own demanding tools. With some unbelievable features as well. Dewalt is claiming they can shoot with their tool 800 nails per charge of the compact 2. OAh battery. When there is a question of cordless nailers then Dewalt is the best among all.

Product Details

Dewalt 20v finish nailer includes 1 Lithium-ion battery. This is a convenient tool with lightweight with a power nailer replacement part. Battery material is Lithium Ion. So it works really efficiently. The speed is amazing and easy to work with.

Product Features

Dewalt 20v finish nailer has some amazing features which have made the work really easy. It has integrated LED lights with bump operating mode and a 20-degree finish nailer as well. To make the tool easily usable it has rear loading magazine and cordless power source. This nailer offers supremely good quality accuracy and performance. It controlled by the battery which helped to decrease the struggle of using gas, compressor, and hose.

 Tool-free selectable trigger

It has some advanced features like a tool-free selectable trigger for sequential or contact actuation modes and tool-free jam release so that there would be no jam and smooth way. To reset the driver blade rapidly it has integrated tool-free stall. To give various task in difficult places as well as tight places the tool has an inline magazine. There are too-free adjustments for nails to accurate countersinking. LED light works for diverse purposes, it has the ability for work in illumination and tool diagnostics as well. Flexibility for users to work with movable belt hook or right attachment with all kind of suitable DEWALT 20V MAX* batteries.


Dewaltnailers have top-notch durability when it comes to showing its power. It has tool-free indexed depth setting with, integrated rafter hooks and flexibility with jam releasing. The runtime can be improved by the brushless motor and expand durability.


There is a saying that with great power comes great responsibility. This tool reminds the exact same thing. It has the ability to work on various projects. As far the price concerns, if the tool has a good quality than its logical to be a little expensive. But this DewaltNailer has an affordable price with the great quality of excellence.

A few years ago who would’ve thought one day there will be tools like DewaltNailers! Tools that would make the task real smooth. Say for a starter, there was a time when craft or cabinetry work was really time-consuming and difficult. Now, any kind of work such as wooden projects, craft works, carpentry works, metal projects or cabinetry works it is just a matter of time. For instance, an ancient tool like a hammer is really risky to use and it takes a lot of time and energy to use in a project. On the other hand, nailers can fit into a really tiny place. The precision it has is supremely outstanding.

There are multiple tools are available in the market but Dewalt 20v finish nailer is the killer of all. It has made life easier for so many professionals as well as beginners.

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