BOSTITCH F28WW Framing Nailer Review

BOSTITCH F28WW Framing Nailer Review

DIY projects and renovating your house can be quite liberating and self-rewarding in the sense that you are doing something for yourself by yourself. And having a good nailer makes this a job done easily. This lightweight framing nailer is made in the USA and comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

It is quite sturdy and will not break easily and it is also suitable for a wide range of tasks and jobs. This durable framing nailer is made of magnesium and this gives it its light weight and durability. This clipped head framing nailer comes with a range of desirable features that we discuss below:

Easy to Work

Magnesium is a durable light metal and this framing nailer will be super easy to work with, whether you are standing on the ground or on a ladder. You will be able to control it and use it in a variety of positions, unlike other heavy nailers.

This nailer is quite easy to handle and will make you finish any project in no time. There will be no hassle to tools to adjust the depth of the nailing. You will not need another tool to make sure that the nails are correctly buried in the work surface.

You will not be standing on a ladder fixing a roof with 2 machines in your hand, even if you can! This will save time and money and will ensure that you have a surface with no amateur about it. The nailer is cordless which means that you will not be restricted to a certain area or the length of the cable while working.

Long Life

Magnesium insides will not break or rust even after years of use, unlike plastic parts or other poorly made framing nailers. The nailer also features a steel guard with embedded rubber pads. These will protect the framing nailer in case it falls which is a big probability if you are into DIY projects.

Your nailer is sturdy and durable. It will survive many accidents and you can be sure that it will survive many work hours too. There is nothing cheap about this framing nailer which makes it perfect and worth the money.

BOSTITCH F28WW Framing Nailer

Easy to Adjust

Buying additional tools in order to better operate your framing nailer is just wrong. Not only is it a waste of money but also a waste of time. This framing nailer, is just great when it comes with easy adjustment. You will not be worrying about buying additional tools to change the firing mode.

It can either work in a sequential or bumping mood. You will just flip a switch and you will be all set to work. There is a useful indicator that will show you the distance between different nails which is another feature that is very important and useful.

Application: Framing, decking, siding, attaching wood to masonr

Highlighted Features and specification


BOSTITCH F28WW Framing Nailer Review
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BOSTITCH F28WW Framing Nailer Review

  • Stick Framing Nailer which is very Easy to use
  • It has 1,050 inch-pounds driving power that can penetrates hardest engineered lumber
  • integrated rubber skid pads save your nailer from bumps and drops
  • patented pushbutton that helps you to adjust the depth of nailing
  • A Smart Trigger provide faster work. and utmost control


  • Nail size: From 2 inch to 3-1/2 inch
  • Magazine Capacity: 64 nails
  • Air pressure:  80 PSI
  • Included metarial:  Safety Glasses
  • Weight:  7.6 pounds
  •  Dimensions :  23 x 16 x 6 inches
  • Warranty: 1-year limited warranty

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  • Lightweight magnesium nailer.
  • Easy to adjust depth and firing modes.
  • Protective rubber pads to protect the nailer against accidents.
  • High power that comes with a cordless motor.


  • 1 year warranty

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What is the degree of this nailer?

A: It is a 28 degrees nailer

Q: Which nails can be used with this nailer?

A: You can use this nailer with any nail that is between 2 inches and 3.5 inches whether they are galvanized or not.

Q: Do you need a male thread for the air hose?

A: Yes, you do.

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Final Verdict

This is a sturdy durable light weight framing nails that can be used for anything from modings to fencing. It will make any tough job seem super easy thanks to its sleek and light design. You will not have to buy a dozen of tools in order to work with this nailer.

You can simply flip on a switch and it will change its firing mode. You can also adjust the drilling depth in a blink of an eye, to give your work surface a clean finish without having to buy another tool to press the nails further.

The nailer comes with a 1 year warranty, which might not be very convenient especially if you use it a lot. Still, the nailer is proven to be really durable with extra rubber padding on the outside for protection against accidents.

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