Top 5 Best Roofing Nailer 2018: Reviews and Purchase Guide

Placing a new roofing on by yourself is faster and simpler with the help of the best roofing nailer. You do not want to go inexpensive here if you can help it.

There are so many excellent nailers on the marketplace and all of them have their own features and manages. However, we want to concentrate on the overall best roofing nailer ever made.

Grab a great one for making sure your roofing will take a position up to the toughest of whatever characteristics brings at it. Here we will evaluate five most famous roofing nailer to help you make the right choice.

Practically all the best roofing nailer are Pneumatic. Pneumatic nailers are usually the most highly active on the marketplace, which is what roofing tasks seem to requirement. Indeed all of the roofing nailers under concern here are pneumatic.

The three roofing nailer that we believe to value taking into consideration are described below. All three bring their payload (nails) in fixed and practical rings so that you may see these known as roofing coils nailers.

How To Select The Best Roofing Nailer

When selecting a roofing nailer, essentially that you need to know how many nails or basics you can flame with the air saved in the container and the roofing potential for saved air. To make sure appropriate efficiency from the best roofing nailer, use tools with air-requirement scores less than the air-delivery amount of the roofing nailer.

Nail Dimension Adjustment

A roofing nailer that can use different dimensions of nails is extremely beneficial, especially if you plan to use your roofing nailer on some tasks. Instead of having to buy separate roofing nailers for each nail size, you can have one roofing nailer that includes all features of them, costing you less and save money.

Depth Adjustment

A depth adjustment qualities allow you to control how strong the nail goes into the outer lining. Some roofing nailers will need the use of something to modify the depth, but for peak ease-of-use, we advise discovering one that you can adjust them by your hand.

Magazine design  

Magazine design is one of the most important part of  roofing nailer. A side loaded Magazine is the best option Before buying a roofing nailer because side loaded magazine is easy to open & can reload your nails quickly.

Carrying Case

A particularly essential quality if you are going to be traveling with your roofing nailer, a bag defends your device from being broken, or running into additional, needless wear-and-tear.

Replaceable Protective Guards

Protective guards will save you from traveling debris. Just look for one that you can change because understand do break down over time.

Best Roofing Nailer

Swiveling Air Connectors

This is just for pneumatic roofing nailers; the swiveling air connectors will help keep the hose from becoming twisted by making it easy to go and more convenient.

Directional Exhaust

Directional exhaust quality allows you to route the tool’s exhaust away from you. For example, the depth adjustment quality, some Directional exhausts qualities you must be changed using another tool, while others do not.

Recommended Best Roofing Nailer

You find all information about roofing nailer, about their quality, types, how they work, when you select any product to purchase. There are hand, Brad, coils, headless and several other roofing nailers kinds that need to be regarded.

It gets frustrating, to say the least, but we are going to provide you with standard summaries of what kind of roofing nailers is the right option for the job.


Power Source

Item Weight


Magazine capacity

Nail Size


4.9 lbs

70-120 PSI


 3/4" to 1-3/4"


5.5 lbs

70-120 PSI


7/8" - 1-3/4"



70 – 120 psi


7/8” – 1 3/4”


7.7 lbs

70-100 PSI


¾” x 1 3/4”



70-120 PSI


3/4" - 1-3/4"



70-120 PSI


3/4” to 1-3/4”


4 lbs

70-120 PSI

up to100

18ga- 5/8" to 2"

PORTER-CABLE PCC790LA 20V MAX Lithium 18GA Cordless Brad Nailer Kit, Includes Battery and Charger



8.1 lbs


up to 100

18ga- 5/8" to 2"

1. Hitachi NV45AB2 Coil Roofing Nailer (Side Load)

Nothing to say more about hitachi. In roofing nailing  hitachi NV45AB2 is our best choice.  

The high quality and most powerful Hitachi NV45AB2 roofing nailer can works in any kind of weather whether the day is too cold or hot. In this case most of the nailer are fail particularly in cold weather.

With this nailer you can work  various kinds of  roofing nailing job like setting up of insulation boards, Hardie siding, asphalt roofing shingles installation. The  high-capacity nailer has a lot of amazing features and benefit.

One of the great advantage of this nailer is it has side load magazine which will help you to reload the magazine easily.

You can easily adjust the depth of nail just simply scrolling the knob which is located just behind the trigger.

This tool is so well designed that when you are working on roof you've no need to tension with maneuverability.  

Highlighted Features

  • Very Lightweight so you can easily maneuver.
  • Weight only 5.5 pounds.
  • Air pressure is 70-120 PSI.
  • Made for several roofing applications
  • Suitable for 7/8" to 1-3/4" long coiled wire collation nails
  • Stops roofing shingles damage with quick set depth of drive
  • Magazine can hold up to 120 nails
  • Flexible trigger
  • Distinctive hold that expands down further over the base


  • Works great any kind of weather.
  • No pain of double firing when you are rapid fire mood.
  • Jam is very rare.


  • Not added any rafter hook or belt hook. If included it would be nice
  • thumbs-down
     Need improve instruction manual.It should be Multi language.  
DEWALT DWFP12658 Coil Roofing Nailer

Compared with other identical items in its section, the DWFP12658 roofing nailer is perfect for any roofing project, and for several programs such as siding, underlayment, insulating board, sheathing, fiberglass shingles, asphalt, roof felt, and tar paper.

This roofing nailer makes securing easier thanks to the exemption of the long traditional magazine seen on other identical items. In addition, it offers excellent balance and control, and is supported by a highly resilient and effective aluminum cap and frame.

Designed for commercial use, the DWFP12658 DeWALT Roofing Nailer is attractive and features a light and portable, simple to handle and highly effective enough to work as fast as you do.

Highlighted Features

  • Adjustable/tool 100 % free roofing shingles guide for perfect roofing shingles placement
  • Lightweight &Compact at just 4.9lbs
  • Fantastic comfort and control with over-molded grip
  • Made for several roofing applications
  • Suitable for 15-degree coil nails from 1-3/4” to ¾.”
  • Stops roofing shingles damage with quick set depth of drive
  • Magazine can hold up to 120 nails
  • Flexible trigger
  • Distinctive hold that expands down further over the base


  • Well balanced and lightweight. 
  • Works very well.
  • No need to extra maintenance.


  • Frequently jammed. Might be occurred for placing cheap non-Dewalt nails.
  • thumbs-down
    Problem of double fire nails. 
  • thumbs-down
    Slow trigger working.
BOSTITCH U/RN46-1 Coil Roofing Nailer

Most powerful and high reliable Bostitch is the best choice to every craftsmanship. Bostitch RN46 coil roofing  nailer can be used with vinyl siding, composition roofing, vapor barrier installation, exterior drywall, fiber cement siding and insulation board.

BOSTITCH RN46-1 is our no #1 and best option on our roofing nailer list for its amazing features and quality.

BOSTITCH RN46-1 has achieved no #1 best seller category on roofing nailer. it has gained top rated review and price is also very reasonable as well.

The Bostitch RN46-1 is the only roof frame nailer to feature incorporated last nail capture so it will not fire when it runs out of nails.

The nail size of Bostitch RN46-1 is  3/4-inch to 1-3/4-inch which is very versatile while working  with different type of materials.

With its trademarked single-action part fill canister, this roofing nailer has 410 in-lbs of power for most difficult applications. This factory-reconditioned Bostitch coils roof frame nailer also includes competitive wear guards, non-skid shields and carbide places in the tip for extended life model.

A simple set flexible depth control makes for consistent nail pushes. An over shaped grip provides comfortable use, and the shingles information requires no device for modification.

Highlighted Features

  • Nosepiece qualities carbide places for long-life performance
  • Adjustable shingles guide for convenient shingles space
  • Patented, single-action, part fill canister for fast, one-step nail loading
  • Quick-set flexible depth information sets nails to desire absolute depths quickly and conveniently
  • competitive wear guards and skid shields protect the device from damage on rough places
  • Zero nail lock out quality removes dry shooting and indicates when to refill the magazine


  • Most durable and high powered nailer.
  • You can simply clear the jam.
  • very easy to use
  • thumbs-up
    Very accurate, fast and light enough


  • No directional exhaust port. So be careful while nailing. 
  • thumbs-down
    No hard case to keep this tool.

Wen i s one the best roofing nailer at lowest price. Buy a quality nailer at a cheap price is always rare.

For roofing nailing you need 11-gauge means.12 inches nails ranging from 3/4 to 1-3/4 inch. For adjusting the depth of nails there is a wheel located on the head of the nailer. 

When you face at nail jam it is very easy to clear the nail jam just open the compartment on the side of the magazine.

You can adjust the shingle guide easily just sliding up and down the bottom of the magazine. You can feel low fatigue on your hand as the handle is covered with rubber grip.

For exhaust air as your direction a movable exhaust valve situated on top of the nailer.

Application: You can use this Pneumatic Coil Roofing Nailer at shingles, fiber cement roofing ,waterproof tar paper, insulation boards, siding, vinyl and many others.

Highlighted Features

  • Nail capacity: 120 nails at a time
  • Movable exhaust valve
  • 1/4-inch NPT air inlet
  • Item Weight: 11.45 pounds
  • Product Dimension: 5.5 x 17.5 x 16.3 inches
  • Power Source: A​​​​ir-powered
  • Operating Pressure: 70-120 PSI
  •  Bottle of oil, 3 assorted hex wrenches and a convenient blow-mold carrying case
  • one-year warranty


  • Very rare jam problem
  • Operating the trigger is very easy.
  • Bostitch gun is much better than wen but it is Great Value for the Money
  • thumbs-up
    Its performance is up to mark.


  • Accidentally happen double fire
  • thumbs-down
     A bit heavier than  Bostitch and Hitachi

Durute is the best Contractor grade roofing nailer. This nailer has gained 100% five star positive rating. 

For durability and lightweight this tool is made by magnesium housing and for long lasting it has Carbide tipped nosepiece.

The tool is the best application for roofing, exterior drywall, insulation board, and fiber cement applications.

For roofing nailing you can use 7/8" to 1-3/4" Wire-collated Roofing Nails.

2 kinds of trigger mode sequential and contact mode and you can easily change between sequential to contact mode.

For proper depth nailing there is a depth adjustment wheel. The tool is very strong but lightweight.

No need to worry about safety because this tools has  a skid-resistant pads guards for  protection.

For quick shingle spacing this tool has Adjustable shingle guide.  To check how many nails are left there and avoid dry-firing there is Reload indicator.

Included component: 2 pcs Allen Wrenches, Oil Bottle w/ Oil, 1/4" Male Plug

Warranty: Eight Year Limited  Warranty

Highlighted Features

  • Nail capacity: 120 nails at a time
  • Nail gauge and length: 11 gauge and 7/8" to 1-3/4"
  • 1/4” -18 NPT air inlet
  • Item Weight: 5 pounds
  • Power Source: A​​​​ir-powered
  • Operating Pressure: 70-120 PSI
  •  Bottle of oil, 3 assorted hex wrenches and a convenient blow-mold carrying case
  • one-year warranty


  • Best efficient and elegant product 
  • Magnesium housing made it very strong.
  • Made with best component material
  • thumbs-up
    Work impressively


  • Not any hook included
  • thumbs-down
    A bit pricy
MAX CN445R2 SuperRoofer Roofing Nailer

The CN445R3 superRoofer nailer is the latest model of the MAX Super Roofing contractor.

MAX manufactured the first roofing nailer sold in the US market, and we continue to improve on our original model.

The CN445R3 superRoofer nailer is lightweight yet very powerful. The CN445R3 superRoofer nailer features switch flexible depth control, shingles guide, rapid-fire trigger, roofing round driver blade, trigger lockout, magnetic in the nose, inline filter, launches 3/4 -1-3/4 in.

Roofing nails and certain pending self-cleaning nose. Full round driver blade pushes nails smooth; our competitors use the moon or crescent shaped driver, this causes styling and cupping of nails and consequently results living off the roof Dial flexible depth control, switch depth control needs no unique tools, offering precise depth control

Highlighted Features

  • Patent Pending nose of the CN445R3 is designed to resist tar four times more time than conventional tools
  • Trigger lock allows user to lock device from shooting; MAX suggests when not using the device to detach from air source
  • Easy to maintain end cap filter (US Patent 5637125) catches dirt and sand down to microns but let the oil and air into the device, filter keeps inside parts clean and staying more time than other tools without filters
  • Nose magnetic holds the last nail in place, so it does not drop out of the device and frame a hazard on the roof
  • MAX is known for improvements and high durability model; MAX is the pro contractor's choice
  • Dial flexible depth control, switch depth control needs no unique tools, offering precise depth control
  • Full round driver blade pushes nails smooth; our competitors use the moon or crescent shaped driver, this causes styling and cupping of nails and consequently results living off the roof
  • Weight is only 5.2 lbs.


  • No jam, works great, powerful as like as Hitachi and Bostitch.
  • No malfunction, No double shoot.
  • very comfortable to use, easily adjust. 


  • No dry-fire lockout but you can know instantly
  • thumbs-down
BOSTITCH N80CB-1 Coil Framing Nailer

The Bostitch 1-1/2 in. - 3-1/4 in. Coils Framing Nailer is a high-productivity tool that stands up to 300 nails.

It features a strong, aluminum frame and sturdy, blends magazine canister that holds up against difficult tasks.

The coil nailer has a quality to competitive, toe nailing tooth to give a slip-free hold on wet wood. This nailer is best suited for home construction, sheathing, and outdoor patio construction. Coils magazine stands more than 300 nails for less reloading during high-production applications during the project.

Highlighted Features

  • Adjustable exhaust port
  • Aggressive, toe-nailing tooth give a slip-free hold on winter lumber
  • Rugged, aluminum frame withstands challenging jobs
  • Orange color
  • Quick-open, blend canister is resilient to thrive falls
  • Ideal for home developing, ceiling sheathing and outdoor patio construction
  • Compatible with wire welded nails (not included)
  • 1-1/2 in. minimum fastener size (not included)
  • 3-1/4 in. highest possible fastener size (not included)

Final Verdict

All the above mention features and product reviews will guide to the select he best-roofing nailer for you persona as well as commercial use. These are some of the requirements that are needed to be in preference when you read or purchase the best roofing nailer.

Opinions help the best a person to select the most appropriate and the best roofing nailer. However, you must analyze each product personally.

Purchasing a roofing nailer is only beneficial when you are satisfied with the best model due to it best functionality and efficiency. Otherwise, it does not worth! You need to comprehend your utilization first and then go for a particular roofing nailer.

As it is described above, there are number roofing nailers available in the marketplace, so how to select the best out of them. The best way is to recognize your need.

In inclusion, picking a professional recommendation always beneficial. Therefore, purchasing the best roofing nailers, these details will be a great help for you to consider.

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