BOSTITCH F28WW Framing Nailer Review

Best Framing Hammers 2020: Reviews & Buying Guide (updated)

Buyers guide:

We hope that our hammer reviews will help you to select your favorite hammer. If you still confused to select your tools then our buyer’s guide will help you.


For hammer, the face is the most important part which going to hit the nails.  So it’s important to know more about this. There are 2 different things in the face, one is milled and another is smooth, basically, everyone wants a smooth face but this one can slip from the nail so milled one is better for nailing.

By milled face, you can hit the nails without any worry but if you miss the hit on nails then it will leave a nasty mark. So to finish your work smooth face is better to use.


Head weight is playing a crucial role in choosing the best hammer. If you want a suitable hammer for swinging all day we recommend the head weight of 16oz to 20oz.


Tang is also important for framing hammer. Full tang hammer is better for hammering because there is no fear to break. The full tang hammer is direct from one piece of steel. So no worry about the break-in this spot.


The last one is about to handle; there are 3 types of handle used with a framing hammer. The first one is steel; steel is the stronger and durable handle, but it also transfers a lot of shock through them to your hand.

So it’s not suitable for big tasks. The second one is fiberglass, it helps to reduce shock from your hand so you can do work hard by this.

And the third one is wood, which is suitable for all because it reduces all kinds of shock from your hand. But it is not so durable like other materials. You can also add rubber coating with that handle to reduce shock and stick your hand without any hurt.

If you want to buy the best framing nailer instead of framing hammer please read the article.


Estwing Framing Hammer: Handle Straight Rip Claw with Milled Face & Shock Reduction Grip



If you want the best framing hammer for your work then the Estwing framing hammer is the one for you. This is a great framing hammer that will give you more than enough power on those heavy-duty jobs.

Estwing framing hammer is fully polished, forged one-piece design with a nylon vinyl shock reduction strip. The E3-22SM comes as a hard one-piece steel construction.

The handle lengthens for sixteen inches giving you extra extent, control, and power with each swing. To help with shock and to give you a better grip the handle comes molded and bonded with a nylon vinyl grip which reduces impact vibration.

It’s made in the USA Since 1923. It’s so easy to carry because of this mild weight.


  • Weight: 1.63 pounds
  • Length: 18 inches
  • Material: Metal
  • Color: Silver


  • Easy to handle & carry.
  • It comes with excellent balance
  • Better & comfortable reduction grip.
  • Solid metal head for maximum strength.
  • More durable & Fully polished.
  • Shock Reduction Grip reduces impact vibration by over 70%.


  • Don’t use this to finish your work, the head is aggressive and it will mare your wood.
  • Rust can catch easily.


Stiletto Titanium Framing Hammer With Curved Handle

If you want a strong titanium framing hammer then Stiletto TI14MC is for you. Strong lightweight and strong materials are used to make the stiletto hammer.

Stiletto hammer is made of titanium so its overall strength and durability are enough then others hammer. Its weight only 14 ounce that’s why it’s easy to use for your framing needs.

Titanium gives you more driving force than steel so you can get more effort by this. It has a magnetic nail at the start point so it’s easy to do one-handed nail set.

This hammer is 18 inches long so you can get an extra place to swing it effectively. This handle is curved to give you little bit leverage on each swing. You can swing this all day without much fatigue.


    <li “=”” =””=”” style=”text-align: left;” tve-droppable”=””>Weight: 1.63 pounds                                    <li “=”” =””=”” style=”text-align: left;” tve-droppable”=””>Length: 18 inches                   <li “=”” =””=”” style=”text-align: left;” tve-droppable”=””>Material: Metal                                               <li “=”” =””=”” style=”text-align: left;” tve-droppable”=””>Color: Silver


  • Only 14-ounce weight, Polished wood handle.
  • Titanium head for maximum strength.
  • The handle is curved & hickory
  • Magnetic nail starter & Excellent balance.
  • Wood handle absorbs vibration.


  • Only 14-ounce weight, Polished wood handle.
  • Titanium head for maximum strength.
  • The handle is curved & hickory
  • Magnetic nail starter & Excellent balance.
  • Wood handle absorbs vibration.


  • The wooden handle can crack anytime.
  • Can slip from hand.
  • Face goes smooth ridiculously fast.


Without wood handle problem, overall it’s a good hammer and the lightweight makes it easy to swing all day, especially if you are doing hardware or any kind of strapwork on a rough framing project then this is for you.


Stanley FatMax Xtreme AntiVibe Rip Claw Nailing Hammer

Are you looking for a simple and stylish hammer which makes you easy to use then, Stanley Rip Claw framing hammer will be the first choice for you.

Because it has a moderate weight which makes it easier to carry and use. It has also Antivibe technology which reduces overall vibration and shock from your body so you can use this without any hurt.

Its patented torsion control grip technology reduces the effects of torque on wrists and elbow. By the Precision balanced control, you can feel the difference.

It’s forged, one-piece steel construction improved strength and durability so you can easily finish your job. It has a non-slip handle which helps you to hold this strongly. It’s made in Mexico.


Weight: 1.2 pounds                                                 Length: 13 inches                                                     Material: Metal


  • Large head surface
  • Anti-vibration.
  • Well balanced.Only 16-ounce rip claw.
  • Perfect size & Non-slip handle.
  • Reduces torque.
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • Oversized head.
  • Rip claw not usual for all uses.

Short decision-  Overall this hammer is suitable for framing because of its lightweight and anti vibe rip claw. It’s efficient and comfortable to use. So anyone can use this easily. It has a magnetic nail start so you can also use this hammer to pick up dropped nails.


Dalluge Titanium Hammer

If you are looking to get a titanium hammer then Dalluge 7180 titanium hammer is for you. Its weight only 16 ounces and it has a serrated face and a straight hickory handle.


You can do anything by this hammer because of its lightweight. It has a milled face that’s why nail is not going to slip and the hickory handle helps you to give more power and strength.

It has a magnetic nail holder so you can do your job in one-handed. There is a nail puller. It has also an overstrike guard that protects you and the handle and the nail puller.

This side nails Puller for Extra Leverage and Reinforced Claws for Added Strength.


<p “=””Weight: 1 pounds                                                     Length: 17 inches                                                     Material: Titanium head and hickory handle         Color: Multicolor                                                     Face type: Milled face/pp “=””>Conclusion: 

After all, we can say that this lighten hammer is good for nailing or framing but not for hard work because this is not enough power to sink nails in tight areas.


  • Have a quality titanium hammer.
  • Only 16-ounce weight.
  • Reinforced claws.
  • Magnetic nail holder.
  • Unique overstrike guard.
  • Straight hickory handle.
  • Side nail puller.


  • The wooden handle can break anytime.
  • Not so much durable.
  • A twist on head loosens over time.

Short decision- If you are looking for the most durable chalkboard paint, this is indeed the best one for you.



Stiletto  Titanium Milled-Face Hammer

This framing hammer is lightweight. It’s only 15 ounces, and it has an ergonomic titanium handle to generate leverage and power.

It is 17 1/2″ Super-Strong Titanium handle with an ergonomically contoured, hardwearing curved black rubber grip. 15oz Titanium head/Steel face combination drives like a 28 oz Steel hammer.

It’s More flexible and fracture-resistant than steel. Titanium delivers full effort to nails. Its rubber grip reduces vibration so you can do work with this without any hurt. Patented Side Nail Puller eases


16s out with one 180 degrees motion.

Material: Titanium

Striking Face: Milled

Head Type: Straight

Overall Length: 18 Inches

Handle Style: Curved

Grip Type: Rubber


  • No lethal chemicals are used in this product.
  • Gives a bulky and smooth finish after application
  • It adheres really well to glass surfaces.
  • It also sticks to stones easily


  • Cannot be used on fabrics
  • Should be kept away from foods and dishwashers.

Short decision: This paint is undoubtedly the best choice since it can be used for multi-purposes.


Fiskars IsoCore Milled-face Framing Hammer


If you looking for big framing jobs hammer then Fiskars isocore 22oz milled face hammer ready for you. By this hammer, you can do a power strike.

If you are looking for the hardworking tool then it can be yours. This hammer is double edge sword so you can use both ends of the hands. It has a professional tool features with a powerful head. The head weight is 22 oz so it’s perfect for power hammering.

This framing hammer features our patented IsoCore Shock Control System to reduce shock and vibration and reducing the punishment your body takes by 4X.  So you can power strike with this without any harm.

The face type of this hammer this milled. Milled face grips nail head to help prevent the hammer from sliding off the nail head when striking. The head material is made of forged steel. It has a soft-grip handle that fits with your hand smoothly.

Face type: Milled face

Handle style: Straight

Claw style: Curved


  • Powerful head.
  • Less vibration.
  • Durable design.
  • Flexible backend.
  • Magnetic nail starter.
  • Rip claw.
  • Ideals for professionalism.
  • High quality¬-handle and face.


  • Hammer can be rust.




It’s an excellent hammer. Little to no vibration and the length lets you get some power in your swing. One good swing can drive a 12d nail with ease and its super comfortable also.

The only problem is when you hit your thumb with a 22 Oz milled face it will destroy your fingers. So be careful when you work.


  • The paint is known to stick to any sort of surface resolutely.
  • Each set includes twelve 8-ounce colours.
  • A minor amount of paint can be used to paint large exteriors due to the bulky nature.


  • Must not be sprayed with water

Short decision: This product can be certified to be the best choice in the market since it is a water-based, non-toxic product that conforms to ASTM-D4236.

Drawbacks of Using Chalkboard Paint



Chalkboard paint tends to be more affluent than regular paint. Cleaning up can be problematic at times

Conditioning of your chalkboard is essential as this makes sure it erases well.

  • The chalk paint, wax, and brush are a bit expensive.
  • In order to seal chalk paint, the addition of a seal to it using wax is a must.

How long does chalk paint last?

It takes roughly 30 days to roughen and cure chalkboard paint. A method that takes longer than drying and Annie Sloan Soft Wax takes about 4 to 6 weeks.

Final Words:


I hope now you will be able to select the perfect paint for yourself as we have revised the top best chalkboard paints above.

All of them are best in their way, and the choice ultimately remains on your preference.

So, choose one that fits perfects with all of your requirements.

Make sure to through every detail of this guide before going to the shop to buy the chalkboard paint.


Great hammer for driving nails even if you’re a novice or fresher. Shock reduction grip will help you to easily hold this and it works so effortlessly.

This is a tool you can use all day and not feel fatigued and the quality is just excellent so overall it’s a great hammer.

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