Benefits of Using a Nail Gun

Top 5 Benefits of Using a Nail Gun

Are you still using the odd yet useful claw hammer? Well, maybe you are or you aren’t. However, there comes a time during the large scale projects (and even small projects) such as roofing your home or finishing the furniture in your house, becomes very tough to accomplish using the usual claw hammer for very long hours.

The energy that you put into the job, coupled with the often-awkward design of these hammers work to make your nailing job simply unbearable. In contrast, using a nail gun can be of significant benefit to you in both efficiency and effectiveness.

What are some of these benefits? The following are some 5 reasons why you need to replace the claw hammer with a gun nailer when you think of the next project that requires nailing.

Increased Accuracy of Work

When using the usual claw hammer, there is a very high probability that your work will not be the masterpiece that you expect it to be. The danger that is ever present in missing the intended target is always glaring from a distance.

In the contrary, when you employ any type of nail gun in your activities, your accuracy levels increase substantially. These is because you can place the nose of the nail gun directly on top of the intended target. There is no need of taking chances or playing with the laws of probability when fixing nails on intended location. You are always going to get highly accurate results.

Faster Job Output

Nail guns substantially reduce the overall time that is needed for doing a job. Not only is the accuracy level top notch, but also the time it takes to finish the tasks is significantly reduced.

Nail guns are able to drive four nails into the corner of a chair to make a joint at once. This is four times faster than it will take you to use a claw hammer to drive one nail at a time. Faster output and great accuracy! That’s a great combination for you.

Protect The Health of Your Fingers

Nail guns are much more effective in protecting your fingers. When using a claw hammer, there is always that chance that you could hit your thumb while you place the nail in place.

However, with the nail guns, you can always aim directly without hurting yourself. Even though safety protocols have to be observed during the use of the guns, they are much safer in protecting your fingers. Fingers are essential for any nailing task as they greatly contribute to your manual dexterity; hence you need a tool that ensures their safety.

Less Weight of Nails

You will not be forced to carry around tons of nails as you work! The nail gun can be loaded with several nails. You just enjoy the swiftness of your work with little or no disturbance. Who needs a bucket of nails when you can literally have them “on hand”?

There Is More Power

You will have to use more force and face a lot of resistance when hitting nails one by one. On the other hand, you just need one trigger and there you have it! The job is done. The amount of power makes the nail gun the weapon of choice when facing “the army of nails”.


You can clearly see that the nail gun is your weapon of choice. With its versatility, accuracy and agility you definitely do not need to use a hammer. The nail gun makes it happen there and then.

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